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The Committment of an Extreme Revivalist

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The Committment of an Extreme Revivalist
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If you're ready to jump in and join the movement, read over the following committment carefully.  Of course, you'll never be able to do all these things on your own, so in order to keep this committment, you've got to already be submitted to God.  If He is moving you to take the plunge, print out the Committment and sign your name.  Then begin living the life of the Extreme Revivalist, and let God use you to change this nation!

I will not let anyone look down on me because I am young, but will be an example to the believers in speech, life, love, faith, and purity (1 Timothy 4:12).
I will stay committed to church attendance.
I will go to church, not because anyone makes me, but because I want to learn and grow in my knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ and His Word.
I will be unrestrained in my worship, freely expressing my adoration for God.
I will do what I can to help my church grow.
I will get serious about God's work.
I will get on my knees and pray for my school and other schools in the area, my family, my church family, government leaders, my lost friends, that God's will would ultimately be done in their lives.
I will pray for and look for opportunities to witness the Gospel to the lost.
I will participate in church activities, as much as I can.
I will be bold about spreading the Gospel.
I will be willing to let God use me in whatever way He chooses.
I will be willing to face persecution if and when it arises.
I will be willing to help to spark revival in my church, my state, and my nation.
I will take a stand for Christ wherever I go, and will set an example for those around me (Matthew 5:16).
I will read my Bible regularly and prayerfully, asking God to help me to learn what He wants me to learn from my reading.
I will act with humility.
I will be accountable to my brothers and sisters in Christ.
I will love the Lord my God with my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength, and with all my mind (Deuteronomy 6:5).
I will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15).
I will be ready for God's calling and will respond.
I will humble myself and pray, and seek God's face and turn from my wicked ways, until God hears my prayer, forgives my sin, and heals my land -- and beyond (2 Chronicles 7:14).
I will let God use me to make a difference and ultimately to revive the saved and save the lost all over the nation.

I have committed to all of the above statements, but I recognize that only through God's power can I keep that committment. I cannot claim to know what God's plan is for sending revival to this nation, but I will be a part of His plan. I will hold myself accountable to other Christians, to make sure that I am doing these things.

I will believe that God can bring revival to this nation through me, because with God all things are possible. I will not underestimate God's power.

I will trust God to help me to do all these things.

I will stay committed to God's work.



If you have made that committment, we would love to know about it.  E-mail us at, and unless you indicate otherwise, we'll post your message in our Interesting E-Mail page so that others can be encouraged by your committment.