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Practical links to help you live out the Extreme Revival!

The bottom line for Extreme Revival:  We're going to change our nation.  A bold statement?  Undoubtedly.  Hard to believe?  You bet.  Crazy?  More than a little bit.
But we believe it's going to happen.  Not because of anything we can do, but because of what God will do through us.  We will never be satisfied until this nation is taken back for Jesus Christ.
"But can we do that?" you ask. "With all the people praying for this country, and all the fine evangelistic people preaching all over the country, we still haven’t seen an awakening in our land. Do you really think that Extreme Revivalists can do what millions of Christians cannot?"

If we get bogged down in thinking about that, then of course we can’t do it. We’ll be like Peter when he walked on water with Jesus. He took His eyes off His Lord to focus on the wind and waves around Him. When he did that, He began to sink. That’s exactly what will happen to us if we focus on how big this really is, or how hard it will be to change our nation, or how totally depraved many in America have now become. But we cannot focus on that. If we do, the battle is lost. Satan knows this, and that’s why He’s trying desperately to get us to focus on those very things.

As the old hymn says, the key is to "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full on His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace."

In the meantime, what are we supposed to do?  Bottom line, the biggest thing we can do is surrender ourselves to God and let Him control us.  But on the practical side, what are some things we can do to change the world around us?

This page offers some prayer guides, evangelism links, and other helps for the Extreme Revivalist.  If you have any links you'd like to see on this page, please e-mail us.  God bless.

One in a Million Prayer - This site gives free weekly prayer guides and articles on revival.
American Family Association - If you want to take action on important issues, this site is a great place to start!  Join the mailing list to be notified of what you can do when big issues come down!
A Whole Night for the Whole World - This website gives information on a special once-a-year prayer night that you and your youth group can do.
Prayer Guide - For A Nation in Crisis - This is a great prayer guide that gives you some biblical basics in praying for our nation. - A terrific site with lots of resources to help you study the Bible effectively.
Just for Youth at the Baptist Start Page - This page provides some links to Christian youth sites that you'll definitely want to check out.