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Frequently Asked Questions
About the Webservant

Of course, this is a new website, so there aren't any Frequently Asked Questions yet.  But I'll try to anticipate and answer some of your questions.  If you don't find what you're looking, shoot me an e-mail at, and I'll either answer your question personally or post the answer on this page.  (Note:  E-mails with questions will generally not be posted on the Interesting E-Mail page.)

Who are you?

I am Luke Hobbs, a 16-year-old youth who is homeschooled. I live in Arkansas. I am a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and have four younger siblings.

Why did you start this site?

I started the site because, first and foremost, I believed God wanted me to. I want to see a revival and awakening come to this nation, and I want to let young Christians out there know that they can make a difference in their world!

Where did you get the inspiration?

My main inspiration for the site came after reading Kyle Williams’ articles on (Kyle is, like me, a 16-year-old homeschooler, who writes a weekly column for that news site), and also from viewing the Young Conservatives website ( Also, see the previous question.

Can I really make a difference?

Yes, you can! God will use anyone who is willing to be used for His work! God has done great things through people who seemed to have no talents or gifts. For examples of that, see the People God Used page.

Do you really believe God is about to send a revival across this country?

Yes, I do! If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have started this site. I believe in the power of God, and I believe He will send at least one more revival before Christ comes to rapture His church.

What are your political views?

I am an evangelical Christian, so I am basically conservative. As to which political party I favor, I do not favor either, but my views most closely mirror those of the Republican Party and I usually support Republican politicians.