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People God Used

By Luke Hobbs

Abraham was a wanderer who lied when he thought he might lose his pretty wife, and God used him to be the father of the Jewish nation.

Jacob was a twin who tricked his daddy, and God renamed him Israel, then named the nation after him.

Joseph was a dreaming tattletale, and God used him to save the world from famine.

Moses was a murderer who couldn’t talk, and God used him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Gideon was a scaredy-cat who had to have a sign twice to believe, and God used him to defeat the Midianites.

Saul was a nobody with low self-esteem, and God used him to be Israel’s first king.

David was a little brother stuck with being a shepherd, and God used him as Israel’s greatest king and an ancestor of Christ.

Elisha was an ordinary farmer, and God used him to prophesy for many years and perform many miracles.

Jehu was a general notorious for speeding, and God used him to demolish Baal worship.

Jeremiah was a scared youth, and God used him to prophesy for over 40 years.

Daniel was an exiled vegetarian, and God used him to interpret several dreams, have several more and stand up to the king’s worship law.

Esther was an ordinary Jewish girl, and God used her to save her people from death.

John the Baptist was a priest’s kid who craved locusts and honey, and God used him to prepare the way for the Messiah.

Peter was a loud, bragging hypocrite, and God used him to lead the early church.

Paul was a persecuting Pharisee, and God used him to start many churches and write most of the New Testament.

James was the Savior’s skeptical brother, and God used him to lead the Jerusalem church and write the book that bears his name.

And Jesus was a carpenter’s Kid who saved the world.

Don’t tell me God can’t use you.