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to the web site of the Extreme Revivalists! This site is geared specifically toward Christian youth, though anyone is welcome to surf the site and see what there is to see!
This website was started by Luke Hobbs in April 2005 with the purpose of letting God use it to fuel revival in the hearts of young Christians across America.

Are you willing to let God change your world through you? Are you willing to live the life of what I have dubbed the "Extreme Revivalist" -- one who will follow God no matter where the path leads? Are you willing to take a stand for Christ in our secular culture? Are you willing to be a person after God's own heart?  Are you willing to get down on your face before God and beg Him to save the United States of America? 

If you are, then I encourage you to join the ranks. How can you find out whether you're ready? Go to The Committment of an Extreme Revivalist page. If you can honestly say that you are ready to commit to the statements given there, then I encourage you to print the page, affix your signature to it, and stay committed to God!

Waving U.S. Flag

The maker of this site is not only a committed Christian, but he is also a die-hard, loyal American.  This site is designed for those who want to see revival come in America, but it can be used anywhere around the world.  We welcome people of all nationalities.


6/10/05 - We haven't updated in a while, but we now have a brand-new article from a new writer on the site.  Check it out at Articles on Awakening!

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First Baptist Church, Branch

Luke's home church in the beautiful state of Arkansas

Singled Out Worship

Luke's in this band, which does praise and worship, rock, and whatever else

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